Election of Pope Gregory VI - Purchased Papacy From His Predecessor Hot

Election of Pope Gregory VI - Purchased Papacy From His Predecessor

Pope Gregory VI
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Gregory VI is elected pope. Or, to be more accurate, he receives the papacy after purchasing it from his predecessor (and godson), Pope Benedict IX.

Sometimes this purchase of the papacy is excused by arguing that Benedict IX had been a truly awful pope.

The price paid is believed to be an enormous sum of money — and the new Pope Gregory VI must be rich because he also seems to pay off antipope Sylvester III in order to maintain his control of the papal throne.

Not everyone who is paid off stays paid off, though, and his godson Benedict will return and claim to be pope again. Ultimately, however, Gregory VI will be forced to resign by the Council of Sutri because of the scandals and rivals that develop around him — to no one's surprise

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