Death of Pope Sergius IV - Treated as Suspicious

Death of Pope Sergius IV - Treated as Suspicious

Pope Sergius IV
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Pope Sergius IV dies.

Sergius changed his name on election, presumably because he didn't want to reign under his real name: Peter (Pietro Martino Buccaporci).

Thus far there has only been one "Peter" as bishop of Rome and if tradition holds there will never be another. The fact that his birth name translates as "Peter Pig Snout" may have also played a role in the decision to change it at the first opportunity.

Not much is known about the papacy of Sergius IV. A papal bull calling for the expulsion of Muslims from the Holy Land following the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 1009 has been attributed to him, but some argue that it was actually created at the time of the First Crusades to create further justification for war.

His death has been treated as suspicious because he died just a week after the death of his powerful patron, John Crescentius III, the ruler of the city of Rome.

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