Election of Pope Agapetus II - Tries to End the Pornocracy of the Papcy Hot

Election of Pope Agapetus II - Tries to End the Pornocracy of the Papcy

Pope Agapetus III
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Agapetus II is elected pope.

On the one hand, Pope Agapetus II attempted to reform the church by putting an end to the "pornocracy" that had been in place since Pope Sergius III, a period of time during which the popes were influenced by or came from corrupt aristocratic families.

On the other hand, Pope Agapetus II also signed an agreement with Alberic II, absolute ruler of Rome, to ensure that Alberic's son Octavian would be Agapetus' successor. Octavian would become Pope John XII, the third pope in the history of the papacy to change his name after election and generally considered the last of the pornocracy popes.

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