Election of Pope Gregory II

Election of Pope Gregory II

Pope Gregory II
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Gregory II is elected pope.

He chooses the name "Gregory" because he hopes to emulate the policies and success of Pope Gregory the Great. During his reign as pope, Gregory II will have a mixed record of successes and failures, both in political and theological matters.

Pope Gregory II does manage to hold off Lombard encroachments on Rome and is even able use the time of peace to expand Christianity in German lands to the north. It will be a costly success, however, because Charles Martel in France refuses Gregory's plea for help, forcing him to buy peace with the Lombards in gold.

Pope Gregory II will also excommunicate Emperor Leo III for a time because of his imposition of massive taxes on Italy. Leo is furthermore an Iconoclast, a "breaker of images" who opposes the presence of images and statues during Christian worship.

Emperor Leo III will order all such images destroyed and tries to force Gregory II to agree, but Gregory refuses, leading to years of civil wars and revolts between East and West.

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