Severinus Installed as Pope, Will Die Two Months Later

Severinus Installed as Pope, Will Die Two Months Later

Pope Severinus
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Severinus is installed as pope. Although his election came quickly after the death of his predecessor, Pope Honorius I, in October 638, he didn't get immediate confirmation from Emperor Heraclius in Constantinople. Instead, Heraclius demanded that Severinus first sign a Monothelite profession of faith.

Monothelites believe that Christ had two natures, human and divine, but a single will. This had been declared heretical by western churches, though it has a strong following in the east — including Emperor Heraclius.

Pope Severinus refuses to sign it, even after opponents sacked the Lateran palace. Eventually, the emperor accepted Severinus' election and Severinus is officially installed as pope. Just two months later, he will die.

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