Election of Pope Agapetus I - Will Adopt Stronger Stand Against Heresies

Election of Pope Agapetus I - Will Adopt Stronger Stand Against Heresies

Pope Agapitus I
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Agapetus I is elected pope. Agapetus will adopt a stronger stand against heresies like Arianism and Monophysitism than his predecessors had. For example, he will issue instructions to ban them from exercising any clerical offices whatsoever, totally removing them from influence over churches.

From the very start of his reign, Pope Agapetus I will struggle with political conflicts with Emperor Justinian I. Justinian has been trying to restore the old Roman Empire and bringing Italy back under his direct control of is an important part of his plan. Pope Agapetus will oppose this strongly. He even goes so far as to pawn sacred objects to finance a trip to Constantinople to change Justinian's mind.

He will fail, but manages to convince Justinian to depose Anthimus, patriarch of Constantinople, because of he is a Monophysite. Pope Agapitus I will die before being able to return to Rome.

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