Death of Alexandria's Archbishop Athanasius Hot

Death of Alexandria's Archbishop Athanasius

Athanasius of Alexandria
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Athanasius, archbishop of Alexandria, dies. One of the strongest and most proflic supporters of the Nicene Creed, Athanasius has played an important role in fighting against the heresy of Arianism.

The Nicene Creed had only been established three years before Athanasius became bishop of Alexandria, and throughout his life it was nearly as widely accepted as it will be in the coming centuries. Even though the First Council of Nicea declared Arianism a heresy and Emperor Constantine exiled Arius, there remains strong support for Arius' ideas.

Arius was an Alexandrian priest and it is around Alexandria that his ideas have found the strongest popular support, so Athanasius' defense of the Nicene Creed had become critically important.

Because support for Arius of Alexandria had included powerful political forces like Emperor Constantius II, a son of Emperor Constantine, Athanasius didn't always had the upper hand. In fact, Anathasius had to spend many years in exile or hiding in the desert. Out of the 45 years he was archbishop of Alexandria, 17 years were spent in exile or on the run.


Athanasius of Alexandria (293--373 AD)

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