Election of Pope Liberius - Won't be Canonized by Catholic Church

Election of Pope Liberius - Won't be Canonized by Catholic Church

Pope Liberius
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Liberius is elected the 36th pope. Pope Liberius has the dubious distinction of being the first pope to not be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.

The reason appears to be his being compromised by heresy: Emperor Constantius II is a supporter of Arianism even though it was declared a heresy in 325, and he pressures Pope Liberius to enter into communion with the Arians.

It's ironic that Pope Liberius might not be canonized because of being too susceptible to pressure from the political authorities. After all, it is precisely the joining with political authorities which is regarded as an important and positive development in the Catholic Church.

Here, though, is a lesson that such partnership comes with a cost: while it provides the church with secular police and armies to enforce theological orthodoxy (which is exactly what they did to suppress Arianism), it also opens them up to the same political pressure they use against their enemies.

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