Jews of Judaea Revolt Against Constantius Gallus, Massacre Greeks & Christians

Jews of Judaea Revolt Against Constantius Gallus, Massacre Greeks & Christians

Emperor Constantius II
Source: Mary Harrsch

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In Judaea, Jews launch a revolt against Constantius Gallus, brother-in-law of Emperor Constantius II and Caesar of the East. Under the leadership of Isaac of Diocesarea, the Jews first assault the Roman garrison of Diocesarea then, with captured weapons, they begin massacring Greeks and Christians.

Constantius Gallus puts down the revolt with force, razing Diocesarea to the ground. He also orders his maigster equitum (general) Ursicinus to kill several thousand rebels, even children.

Like his father Constantine, Constantius II has been favoring Christianity and Christians. Unlike Constantine, though, Constantius II has allowed Christians to persecute pagans and Jews. The Christian clergy has become incredibly hostile and intolerant: using both violent mobs and the power of the state, Christian clergy have directed the destruction of temples and synagogues around the Roman Empire.

The Jewish revolt against Gallus that starts today is part of a reaction from the Jews that has been long in coming. Jews are outraged that the Roman state is permitting Christians to persecute them while preventing them from getting any sort of justice in the courts.

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