Quebec Appeals Court Upholds Superior Court Ruling that Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

Quebec Appeals Court Upholds Superior Court Ruling that Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

René Leboeuf and Michael Hendricks
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In Quebec, the Court of Appeal upholds a superior court ruling in Hendricks and Leboeuf v. Quebec that same-sex marriages are legal under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia already permitted same-sex marriage, which means that now two-thirds of all Canadians live in an area where same-sex marriages are legal.

During the case, plaintiff Michael Hendricks was asked why they wants to get married and he explains:

"We're concerned for our future. I am six years away from the Alzheimer's test. If I drop dead tomorrow, will René get the house? We saw dementia with HIV, we know how destructive it can be. If I get senile at the end, I can do no harm to him. Also, he would know that I made that commitment."

His partner René Leboeuf adds:

"Marriage means acknowledgment that I am more than a gay man. I am a citizen, part of a family that is accepted by society."


Gay Marriage in Montreal: An Interview with Michael Hendricks

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