Judge Connie Wilkerson's Letter on Gays and Lesbians Prompts Ethics Investigation

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In Mississippi, the "George County Times" publishes a letter from George County Justice Court Judge Connie Wilkerson in which he claims that homosexuals should be put away in mental institutions.

According to Judge Connie Wilkerson:

"In my opinion, gays and lesbians should be put in some type of mental institution instead of having a law like this passed for them. I wish somebody that's been offended would come up and let me show them what I think of them, the individual. I have no feelings against them. I don't ask a fellow if they're a homosexual or a lady if she's a lesbian when they come in front of me. That has nothing to do with my judging.

You need to know as I know, that God in heaven is not pleased with this, and I am sounding the alarm."

Wilkerson will respond to criticisms of the letter by insisting that he means nothing negative by it:

"I've wrote letters throughout my life, and I probably just wasn't thinking about the problems that it might cost my fellow man. I'm sorry it's caused anybody any problems. I'm trying to help."

Because of the bias expressed in his statements, an ethics violation complaint will be filed against Wilkerson.

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