Iraq Accepts Ceasefire Terms After Being Driven Out of Kuwait by Coalition Forces Hot

Iraq Accepts Ceasefire Terms After Being Driven Out of Kuwait by Coalition Forces

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The government of Iraq officially accepts the terms of the ceasefire agreement after its army has been driven out of Kuwait by American and coalition forces.

This agreement establishes a fixed border between Iraq and Kuwait, provides for a U.N. observer force, and creates a mechanism for Iraq to pay for the costs of the war as well as reparations from future Iraqi oil revenue.

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait occurred on August 2, 1990 and was universally condemned. A coalition of military forces is brought to bear against Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but almost all the troops are American — and largely funded by Saudi Arabia which was worried about where Saddam Hussein intended to go next after Kuwait.

The fight against Iraqi forces started with air attacks in mid-January. A ground assault moved in at the end of February and only required 100 hours to achieve its goals.


"Highway of Death" Iraqi Army Armed Retreat from Kuwait

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