Archbishop Oscar Romero Assassinated in El Salvador

Archbishop Oscar Romero Assassinated in El Salvador

Archbishop Oscar Romero

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Archbishop Oscar Romero, an outspoken defender of human rights in war-torn El Salvador, is assassinated while saying mass in a San Salvador church. Thirty people are killed by bombs and snipers during his funeral six days later.

The day before his assassination, Romero made a plea to El Salvador's soldiers to stop oppressing the people because such behavior is contrary to Christian principles and God's law. Investigations will conclude that Archbishop Oscar Romero is assassinated by an El Salvadoran death squad that had been trained and armed by the United States. Every since the Revolutionary Government Junta came to power in 1979, Romero has been critical of the U.S. providing so much military aid to the government.


Archbishop Oscar Romero Assassination El Salvador 1980

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