Ten Priests Charged with Treason in Czechoslovakia

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In Czechoslovakia, ten high-ranking Catholic priests are charged with treason and put on trial. At least one has reportedly pleaded guilty to most or all charges.

According to the indictment,

"After the war the Vatican espionage service was joined with the United States organization, the counter-intelligence corps. Their activities were concentrated mainly against the people's (Communist) democracies which they wanted to liquidate. To carry out this policy, the Vatican used its diplomatic offices in the various states and monasteries, which received exact instructions."

According to the official news agency, the indictment alleges that the Vatican had divided up responsibility for the plot thus:

"The Premonstrate order was given the task of preparing an armed uprising and hid weapons in monasteries for that purpose. The Jesuit order was to conduct espionage and together with the the Redemptorists damage the moral education of youth, disrupt the Czechoslovak youth association and make religiously fanatical youth the ready and unthinking instru ment of foreign reaction.

The Franciscan Order was primarily concerned with the villages in an effort to induce Catholics to sabotage the Socialist reconstruction of the countryside and pare an armed uprising. Professor Braito of the Dominican Order was to supervise the conduct of ant-state church activity."

In a few days, nine of the ten will be found guilty of of trying to overthrow the government in Czechoslovakia; the tenth will only be found guilty of failing to report the activities of the other nine.

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