German Generals Get Final Instructions From Hitler for Invasion of Norway and Denmark

German Generals Get Final Instructions From Hitler for Invasion of Norway and Denmark

Montage of Operation Weserübung
Source: Dybdal

Adolf Hitler issues his final instructions to his generals regarding the impending German invasion of Norway and Denmark, called Operation Weserübung. Hitler is correct in thinking that the Allies intended to move into Norway themselves; after the invasion the people of Denmark and Norway are told that Germany had invaded in order to protect their neutrality from the Allies.

During the Nuremberg Trials Hermann Goering is asked about the invasion and he says:

The Norwegian project surprised me rather, since strangely enough for a rather long time I was not informed about. it. The Führer went very far in his basic decree, which I already mentioned at the beginning, and did not call in the Air Force until very late. But since the most important part of this undertaking fell to the Air Force, I expressed my views in regard to this in an unmistakable and unfriendly fashion.

From a military point of view I was definitely against this undertaking as such, since as Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, quite independent of political considerations, I had first of all to think exclusively of strategic considerations. That it would considerably improve my position as far as the Air Force was concerned if my squadrons could operate against England from Norwegian bases was obvious, and would be obvious to any prudent military expert.

From the strategic point of view I, as Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, could take only a very definite stand against this undertaking. My objection was, firstly, that I had been informed too late and, secondly, that the plans did not seem quite correct to me.
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