Newly Elected Pope Pius XII Seems to Vacillate About Values and Principles Hot

Newly Elected Pope Pius XII Seems to Vacillate About Values and Principles

Achille Ratti, Pope Pius XI
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During the course of a lengthy correspondence between two of the authors of the "hidden encyclical" (Humani Generis Unitas), a condemnation of racism and anti-Semitism that Pope Pius XI was never able to deliver due to his death, Gustav Grundlach comments to John LaFarage that the newly elected Pope Pius XII seems unwilling to act or take stands based on bedrock principles and values.

According to Grundlach:

"The attitude of [Pope Pius XII] with regard to the diverse "isms" is vacillating. Let him receive information about all the anti-Christian and socially destructive things that are happening to popular morality in Germany, especially in the domain of religious instruction and the morals of the youth, and he proclaims to anyone who will listen that National Socialism is at least as dangerous as communism.

People appear from Germany with information on some (apparent!) concession or other that National Socialism is supposed to have made in the religious domain, and he is all optimism. Let next similar reports about communism come in from America, and now communism is once again the sole true enemy!

What is lacking is precisely a position based on fundamental principles and especially on natural law; and in addition, unfortunately, there is a great misunderstanding of the causes and the facts.

Moreover, [Pope Pius XII] unfortunately is strongly influenced by the privileged and property-owning groups in almost all countries. Any legislation that inconveniences in a greater or lesser degree the property-owners in the so-called "economy" is simply presented as leading toward communism, as an influence of communism, and is denounced as such.

Moreover, the bourgeois and industrialists in many countries are so blind that in order to oppose the so-called pressure of labor unions and workers' organizations, they support forms of government in the Germany style; for over there, they say, the workers are completely docile and no longer have any power.
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