Pope Pius XII Writes to Hitler Underlining Church's Commitment to Nazi Regime

Pope Pius XII Writes to Hitler Underlining Church's Commitment to Nazi Regime

Crowning of Pope Pius XII
Source: Joachim Specht

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Eugenio Pacelli, just elected to become Pope Pius XII, writes a letter to Adolf Hitler to tell him that he intends to continue advocating for the spiritual welfare of German Catholics.

The new pope writes:

"To the Illustrious Herr Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich! Here at the beginning of Our Pontificate We wish to assure you that We remain devoted to the spiritual welfare of the German people entrusted to your leadership. ...

During the many years We spent in Germany, We did all in Our power to establish harmonious relations between Church and State. Now that the responsibilities of Our pastoral function have increased Our opportunities, how much more ardently do We pray to reach that goal. May the prosperity of the German people and their progress in every domain come, with God's help, to fruition."

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