Jews Conscripted for National Labor Service, But Not Part of German Labor Service

Jews Conscripted for National Labor Service, But Not Part of German Labor Service

Friedrich Syrup
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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Dr. Friedrich Syrup, president of Nazi Germany's unemployed insurance board, orders that Jews be conscripted for national labor service. However, they are not allowed to become part of the German Labor Service and they are restricted from jobs where they might come into regular contact with "Aryans."

According to Syrup's order, issued with the approval of Hermann Goering,

"The state is not interested in letting the working capacity of able-bodied, unemployed Jews lie idle and leave them to be supported by charity. It is therefore recommended to give such Jews employment, thereby freeing German citizens (Aryans) for undertaking urgent work for the state.

Jews may be employed in public and private businesses, building construction, land improvement, etc. the Jews affected may be German subjects or stateless Jews (having citizenship in no country). They are to be set to work separately from regular (Aryan) staffs."

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