Hjalmar Schacht Praises Hitler, has Austrian Bank Employees Swear Oath to Hitler Hot

Hjalmar Schacht Praises Hitler, has Austrian Bank Employees Swear Oath to Hitler

Hjalmar Schacht
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Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht speaks to employees of the former Austrian National Bank in the wake of its incorporation into the Reichsbank, extolling the achievements of Adolf Hitler and leading everyone in swearing an oath to Adolf Hitler.

Schacht says:

"I think it is quite useful if we recall these things to our mind in order to expose all the sanctimonious hypocrisy exuding from the foreign press. Thank God, these things could after all not hinder the great German people on their way, for Adolf Hitler has created a communion of German will and German thought. He has bolstered it up with the newly strengthened Wehrmacht, and he has thereby given the external aspect to the inner union between Germany and Austria. I am known for sometimes expressing thoughts which give offense; nor would I care to depart from this custom today. ...

I know that there are even here in this country a few people--I believe they are not too numerous--who find fault with the events of the last few days. But nobody, I believe, doubts the goal; and it should be said to all hecklers that you cannot satisfy everybody. There are those who say they would have done it in some other way, perhaps, but strange to say they did not do it (hilarity) it was done by our Adolf Hitler (Long, continued applause); and if there is still something left to be improved, then those hecklers should try to bring about these improvements from within the German Reich and the German community and not disturb it from without. ...

The Reichsbank will always be nothing but National Socialist, or I shall cease to be its manager. (Heavy, protracted applause). ...

I ask you to raise your hands and to repeat after me: I swear that: I will be faithful, and obedient to the Führer of the German Reich and the German people, Adolf Hitler, and will perform my duties conscientiously and selflessly...

You have taken this pledge. A scoundrel, he who breaks it. To our Führer a triple Sieg heil."
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