Nazi Germany Complains of Foreign Criticism of Persecution of Jews Hot

Nazi Germany Complains of Foreign Criticism of Persecution of Jews

Boycott of Jewish Shops in Nazi Germany, 1933
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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Leonard G. Montefiore, president of the Anglo-Jewish Association in London, reacts to complaints from Nazi Germany about criticism in foreign press of persecution of Jews. He essentially says that so long as Nazis are willing to dish out attacks against Jews, they should be willing to take criticism themselves.


"We cannot accept the position that Nazi leaders should be free to bring what accusation they please about Jews and that we must submit to such things in silence because it involves criticism of foreign states. As long as Jews and Judaism are traduced and vilified, as long as these slanders are spread by Nazi sources to the four quarters of the world, we cannot allow silence to be imposed upon us."


1933 Nazi boycott of Jewish Businesses

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