Fritz Kuhn of German-American Bund Will Fight Jewish Boycott of German Goods

Fritz Kuhn of German-American Bund Will Fight Jewish Boycott of German Goods

German American Bund parade in New York City on East 86th St. Oct. 30, 1939
Source: Library of Congress

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On the one-year anniversary of his taking control of the German-American Bund, Fritz Julius Kuhn releases a statement of his intentions to fight the Jewish boycott of German goods and to promote pride in German-American children.

Kuhn says in his statement:

"The German-American Bund is definitely a political organization. It is our purpose to fight for the honor of the new Germany and against the Jewish boycott. Whatever we have accomplished until now is merely a preliminary to what we shall do in the future.

There are many millions of Germans in America who have lost contact with German culture and ideals. Particularly among farmers, there are hundreds of thousands of good Germans who must be drawn into our movement. Our task is to create a united German front in America."

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