Mayor LaGuardia Refuses to Take Back Insults of Adolf Hitler Hot

Mayor LaGuardia Refuses to Take Back Insults of Adolf Hitler

New York Mayer Fiorello LaGuardia
Source: Library of Congress

Despite rebukes from state, national, and international politicians, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia refuses to take back any of his criticisms against Adolf Hitler.

During a speech three days ago at a luncheon of the women's division of the American Jewish Congress, LaGuardia said the 1939 New York world fair should include a "chamber of horrors" displaying that "brown-shirted fanatic who is menacing the peace of the world."

In today's statement, LaGuardia says:

"I still stand by what I said and I repeat it again. I referred to a brown-shirted fanatic who is menacing the peace of Europe. Mr. Hitler and his Government were quick to recognize that I meant him. I don't know whether it was a guilty conscience or my powers of description. In either case it is irrelevant."

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