Death of Rudolph Otto, Protestant Theologian Hot

Death of Rudolph Otto, Protestant Theologian

Rudolph Otto

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Rudolph Otto dies. Rudolph Otto was a Protestant theologian and philosopher who taught at a variety of universities in Germany. He is best known for his book Das Heilige (The Idea of the Holy), in which he argued that the basis of all religion was something he called the numinous, something which could only be understood or even perceived by people through a inborn religious "sense."

This book was published in 1917, so he was writing it during World War I. For many, this terribly destructive conflict discredited the notion of rational systems for producing civilization and for explaining humanity or religion - it was, instead, a demonstration that reason and science were amoral at best.

In addition to applying his ideas to Christianity, he also used them as a basis for helping to found the Religiöser Menschheitsbund, an organization which was designed to unite the believers in all the world's religious faiths.


Rudolf Otto in Brief

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