Foreign Criticism of Nazis Called a Campaign of Destruction from Jews

Foreign Criticism of Nazis Called a Campaign of Destruction from Jews

Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

In the Völkisher Beobachter, the Union of Catholic Germans (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholischer Deutscher), lead by German Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen, describes all the bad press about the Nazis in foreign media as a Jewish conspiracy.

According to this Catholic political organization, the foreign criticism of Nazi Germany is a

"reckless, crafty campaign of destruction conducted by the Jewish world alliance and moneyed powers against the right of self-determination of all peoples and against the entire Christian civilization."

They go on to urge

"the Christians of all countries, irrespective of denominations, to form a world-wide front of defense against that Jewish conspiracy disturbing the true peace."

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