Fulda Bishops: Warnings Against Nazi Party No Longer Necessary Hot

Fulda Bishops: Warnings Against Nazi Party No Longer Necessary

Catholic Clergy Give the Hitler Salute Alongside Nazi Officials
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The Fulda Bishops' Conference releases a declaration that general prohibitions and warnings against the Nazi Party, previously made over the years, are no longer necessary.

The German bishops say:

"It has now to be recognized that public and solemn declarations have been made by the highest representative of the national government, who at the same time is the authoritative leader of that movement, through which due acknowledgment has been made of the inviolability of Catholic doctrinal teaching and of the unchangeable tasks and rights of the Church. In these declarations the nationalist government has given explicit assurances concerning the validity of all provisions of the Concordats concluded by individual German states with the Church.

Without repealing the condemnation of certain religious and moral errors contained in our earlier measures, the episcopate believes it may trust that the above-mentioned general prohibitions and warnings need no longer be considered necessary. ...

Without revoking the judgment made in our previous declarations in respect to certain religious-ethical errors, the episcopate believes it can cherish the confidence that the designated general prohibitions and warnings need no longer be considered necessary. For Catholic Christians, to whom the voice of the Church is sacred, it is not necessary at the presence moment to make special admonition to be loyal to the lawful government and to fulfill conscientiously the duties of citizenship, rejecting on principle all illegal or subversive behavior."

Nazi Party members are also permitted to receive the sacraments while wearing Nazi uniforms, even if they appear in large groups. This not only opens the door for the signing of a Concordat between Hitler and the Vatican, but also encourages broader collaboration between Catholics in Germany and the Nazi regime

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