Germany's Jewish War Veterans Group Condemns Reports of Jewish Persecution Hot

Germany's Jewish War Veterans Group Condemns Reports of Jewish Persecution

Israel's Department Store in Berlin on April 1, 1933 at the start of the Nazi boycott of Jewish-owned businesses
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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In Germany, the Jewish War Veterans organization visits the American embassy in Berlin to condemn what it calls "exaggerations" in reports in America about Jews being persecuted in Nazi Germany. It also says that it expects the rights and dignity of Jews to be fully protected in Germany under the government of Adolf Hitler.

According to the statement issued by the Jewish War Veterans:

"Our duty toward our country as well as to the truth leads us to correct reports of alleged anti-Jewish atrocities.

Maltreatments and excesses have occurred, which we are unwilling to excuse, but such happenings are unavoidable in the case of revolution and the authorities have always energetically intervened whenever feasible.

However, those who participated in the attack are for the most part irresponsible elements working in the dark. We know that the government disapproves of maltreatment accorded Jews.

[We condemn] so-called Jewish intellectuals who sought a safe refuge, spreading news full of exaggeration and harming their own people."

It's not clear whether any officials with Germany's Jewish War Veterans survived the Holocaust or not.

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