Liberal German Newspaper Publishes Article Condemning Criticisms of Nazi Germany

Liberal German Newspaper Publishes Article Condemning Criticisms of Nazi Germany

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The Frankfurter Zeitung, a leading liberal newspaper in Germany, publishes an editorial condemning criticisms of Nazi Germany over the treatment of Jews.

According to the editorial:

"The peremptory orders issued by the German government, particularly those emanating from Chancellor Hitler personally, have definitely checked all excesses, including attacks on Jews, to which so much publicity has been given in foreign countries.

In an interview with the President of the Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith, Hermann Goering, minister without a portfolio in the Hitler cabinet, declared that the safety of life and property of all Jews observing loyalty to the exiting government is guaranteed by law.

This excludes the possibility of any pogroms in Germany, so that actions taken abroad in this respect do not meet the situation and do more harm than good by arousing disfavor toward those Jews in Germany who by descent, language, education and allegiance have heretofore felt and continue to feel themselves as united with the German nation."

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