Catholic Priest Dr. W. Engel Explains why Hitler Should be President, Not Hindenburg

Catholic Priest Dr. W. Engel Explains why Hitler Should be President, Not Hindenburg

Adolf Hitler Speaking During the Elections
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Dr. W. Engel, a Catholic priest in Cologne-Delbrück, explains in a letter why he intends to vote for Adolf Hitler rather than Hindenburg in the upcoming April elections. According to Engel, the Nazi Party as a pure ideology whereas Paul von Hindenburg is supported by a confused variety of interests, not all of whom can be trusted.

According to Engel:

"...What people are gradually beginning to realize (and which for Hitler is strong incentive to continue in the same direction) is this: the NSDAP is the purest of the political parties. The people who voted for Hitler are people who think the same and have similar wills. Hindenburg's voters, however, are a mish-mash of political viewpoints, a political stew...

You will surely remember Mr. von Loebell, who put the Hindenburg coalition together seven years ago. I have since discovered that he is a 33rd degree Scottish Freemason. What does Hindenburg really think of Freemasonry? If he himself is a Freemason, you will understand why, particularly after the recent papal statement against Freemasonry, it would be impossible for a Catholic priest to vote for this man, even if he is supported by less well informed leading Catholic priests in Germany...
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