Catholic Priest Dr. W. Engle Says Hitler Better than Hindenburg Hot

Catholic Priest Dr. W. Engle Says Hitler Better than Hindenburg

Adolf Hitler Speaking During the Elections
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Dr. W. Engel, a Catholic priest in Cologne-Delbrück, explains that he will be voting for Adolf Hitler over Paul von Hindenburg in the 1932 elections because Hindenburg has become far too old to effectively govern while Hitler has the youth and vigor which German needs right now.

According to Engel:

"You want to know whom I, the Catholic priest, am voting for as Reich President. I am not voting for Hindenburg, but rather for Hitler. The day comes for each of us when his strength fails, when he is too old for his duties, regardless of what he did for his nation in his younger and fresher years. One then has the moral obligation to give up the office one has held and pass on the care of the nation to younger and fresher forces. That is why, to say it again, I am voting for Hitler.

There has seldom been a man whom I admired as much as Hindenburg. The people who wanted nothing to do with him seven years ago, and held other candidates as worthier Reich Presidents, thought my admiration to be a special sort of evil. I am not shamed of that admiration, and even today it burns within me, because I cannot forget what this man did for my fatherland.

Yet still, to say it a third time, I am voting for Hitler, for age is age, and failing strength is failing strength, and it would be terrible for me if this man, in whose camp Germany stood for the long, hard years of war would be driven to partisan political maneuvering.

You know that I am hardly uncritical when it comes to your party, but I will rejoice in the day when the world hears the news that Adolf Hitler has been elected President of the German Reich."

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