Nazis Publish Pamphlet to Extoll Hitler's Virtues and Refute Criticisms Hot

Nazis Publish Pamphlet to Extoll Hitler's Virtues and Refute Criticisms

Adolf Hitler in October, 1930
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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In a pamphlet entitled "Facts and Lies about Hitler" ("Tatsachen und Luegen um Hitler"), the Nazi Party attempts to counter some of the attacks being made against Adolf Hitler.

One question is "Is Hitler 'Subservient to Rome'?" which is answered:

"A Protestant church official who knows Hitler personally, and has observed him for a decade in Munich, answers this charge as follows: "As far as I can tell, it is nonsense to think that Hitler is 'subservient to Rome.' If that is true, why do parts of the Catholic clergy fight him so hard? If it were true, it would be easy for him to win their favor!

Hitler is German-minded and honorable, but not bound to a religious denomination, for he is the leader of a political party that includes all true Germans."

A Reformed Protestant pastor is quoted as writing about the same issue:

"I have had opportunity to observe Adolf Hitler for years. I am duty-bound to say that claims that Hitler is "in Rome's service," that he is "subservient to Rome," that he is "under Jesuit influence," are fables and slanders.

These distortions are used by his political opponents to harm Hitler's image among the Protestant part of the German people. If I shared this doubt, I would not be a member of the NSDAP. I cannot understand why such rumors have any credibility today, since it is known that Catholic dignitaries publicly oppose Hitler and his movement.

From my perspective, Hitler may not be judged from a denominational standpoint. Just as he stands above "parties" in the usual sense, so he stands above denominational strife. But he acts like a Christian! He above all is to be thanked -- and I share this conviction with many observers -- for the fact that a large part of Europe has been so far protected from Bolshevism."

The pamphlet also argues that Catholics should vote for Hitler as well:

"And when he understands that Hitler alone is to thank for the fact that Germany has been saved from Bolshevism, which destroys Christian culture, churches, and altars, he must vote for Hitler."

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