Father Van Asseldonk's Friends of Israel Group Suppressed by Vatican Office (aka Inquisition)

Father Van Asseldonk's Friends of Israel Group Suppressed by Vatican Office (aka Inquisition)

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Father Anton Van Asseldonk's organization Friends of Israel, created just two years prior, is officially suppressed by the Vatican's Holy Office (formerly known as the Inquisition). The purpose of Asseldonk's Friends of Israel is to pray for the conversion of Jews but also to oppose anti-Semitic attitudes among Catholics. Jews should be encouraged to become Christian, but they should not be hated for not doing so.

Father Anton Van Asseldonk is a converted Jew and the Friends of Israel now includes 19 cardinals, 278 bishops, and over 3,000 priests all over the world.

In suppressing the Friends of Israel, the Vatican's Holy Office (formerly known as the Inquisition) says:

"the Catholic Church has always prayed for the Jewish people, depositories, until the coming of Jesus Christ, of the divine promise, regardless of their subsequent blindness, or rather, precisely because of it.

Moved by that spirit of charity, the Apostolic See has protected this same people against unjust vexations, and just as it reproves all hatred and animosities between people, so it especially condemns hatred against the people elected by God, a hatred that today is vulgarly called 'anti-Semitism'."

In a statement designed to defend the Jews, the Vatican can't help but include a snide reference to their "blindness." What's more, the Vatican has "protected" these people by supporting measures that forced them into ghettos and out of most occupations throughout Europe.

Those old attitudes come through clear in an official commentary on the suppression decree that appears in Civiltà Cattolicawhich describes Jews as "economically privileged, powerful, proud and rich," a situation which Friends of Israel failed to acknowledge. Moreover:

..The Jewish herd threatens the whole world by intrigues and subversion... especially ...among Catholics and Latins, where the old liberalism has greatly favored the Hebrews, while persecuting Catholics and above all the religions congregations.

This danger grows more pressing every day, and our magazine has the means to recognize it... to denounce and document this peril by solid proofs and facts of its frequent and undeniable alliance with freemasons, carboneria, and other societies, camouflaged as patriotic... but in reality wanting to subvert... contemporary society, religion and civilization.

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