Birth of Catholic Theologian Hans Küng

Birth of Catholic Theologian Hans Küng

Hans Küng
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Catholic theologian Hans Küng is born in Sursee Switzerland. Hans Küng will become one of the best-known living theologians of the late 20th century, in large part because of his active role as part of a group of radical theologians who set the stage for the Second Vatican Council under Pope John XXIII.

Küng will be a fierce advocate for openness, reform, and questioning - qualities one doesn't always see in theologians or church leaders. This, unsurprisingly, gets him into a lot of trouble with Vatican leaders when he questions of the dogma of papal infallibility too much.

In 1979 he will be censured and banned from teaching as a Catholic theologian, but that doesn't end his career as a speaker and writer.


Hans Küng: Catholicism heading back to Middle-Ages

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