Zionist Leader Vladmir Jabotinsky Forms Jewish Force to Fight in Palestine

Zionist Leader Vladmir Jabotinsky Forms Jewish Force to Fight in Palestine

Ze'ev Jabotinsky
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Ze'ev Jabotinsky, an important early Zionist leader, joins with Joseph Trumpeldor to form a Jewish military force to fight in Palestine on the side of the British and against the Turks. Named the Zion Mule Corps, it consists of several hundred men from a community of Jews exiled from Palestine and living in Egypt.

Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky in Odessa, Russia, Jabotinsky has been fighting for Jewish rights since he was a teenager, literally and figuratively. When he was 23 he created the Jewish Self-Defense Organization, a militant group that used force to protect Jews during porgroms in Russia. This was when he changed his first name to Ze'ev, Hebrew for "wolf".


Zeev Jabotinsky at Establishment of Jewish Legion

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