Birth of Earl Warren, Supreme Court Chief Justice

Birth of Earl Warren, Supreme Court Chief Justice

Earl Warren
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Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren is born. Earl Warren will be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during an era when the United States experiences tremendous social and political upheaval. Warren will preside over a court which must decide a wide array of important and divisive issues and he will lead the Court to decisions which expand the scope and nature of civil rights for all Americans.

Warren will be fortunate that William J. Brennan, Jr. is appointed to the Court in 1956 because he will be better than Warren when it comes to framing general principles in legal and constitutional terms. Warren provides the moral authority for a controversial decision while Brennan provide the tricky legal reasoning necessary to make a controversial decision more palatable to those who are uncomfortable with the Court's new activist approach.


Earl Warren Named to U.S. Highest Court

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