Birth of Pope Benedict XIV

Birth of Pope Benedict XIV

Pope Benedict XIV
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Pope Benedict XIV is born to a noble family in Bologna, Italy. His pontificate will be quite active because of all the political issues he has to deal with.

He'll be able to settle many of those issues, but only at great political cost. Concordats are signed with Spain, Naples, and others, for example, but only at the cost of significant concessions to the authority of secular rulers who want to appoint bishops themselves.

Pope Benedict XIV will have better luck with reforms within the church like easing church finances, improving priests' education, and condemning Jansenism. One area of church policy where he creates more problems than he solves is in the relations between Christian missionaries and non-Christian cultures.

Pope Benedict XIV will issue two papal bulls (Ex quo singulari and Omnium solicitudinum) in which he condemns the use of Christian terminology to describe ideas or practices in native cultures. Because of this, many converts abandon Christianity entirely to return to their familiar, traditional beliefs.

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