Death of Italian Religious Leader Joachim Van Fiore Hot

Death of Italian Religious Leader Joachim Van Fiore

Joachim of Fiore
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Joachim of Fiore dies in Rome, Italy. A Benedictine monk and abbot, Joachim of Fiore claimed to have received visions directly from God. Some visions were about the nature of the world and Joachim becomes most famous for teaching that creation is progressing through three stages.

The first was under God the Father when humans lived under harsh laws. The second is under Jesus who brought a message of love, but which would end under the Antichrist and a political ally. The third and final stage will be one of pure spirit, involving nothing but mystical contemplation and union with God.

Before that the stage of spirit and union with God, however, humanity will have to endure living under the rule of the Antichrist. What's more, Joachim taught that it would be coming soon:

"This will not take place in the days of your grandchildren or in the old age of your children, but in your own days, few and evil."

This sounds remarkably like the teaching of Jesus that "This generation will by no means pass away till" the Son of Man comes. And, as with Jesus, Joachim of Fiore's prediction failed.

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