St. Robert Founds Monastery in Citeaux, Starts Catholic Cistercian Order

St. Robert Founds Monastery in Citeaux, Starts Catholic Cistercian Order

Mother House of the Cistercian Order
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The monastery in Citeaux, France is founded by Saint Robert of Molesme, marking the beginning of the Roman Catholic Cistercian religious order. St. Robert and his companions are seeking a place where they can more closely and faithfully adhere to the traditional Rule of St. Benedict. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux will be one of the more famous members of this group and he will leave it to found the Clairvaux Abbey in 1115.

The Rule of St. Benedict had been created by St. Benedict of Nursia in the 7th century but Benedictine life has experienced a lot of changes over the centuries. Monks who join the Citeaux want to replicate the sort of life led by monks at the time of Benedict as closely as possible.

One hallmark of this is the emphasis on manual labor, and in particular labor in fields and other agricultural areas.

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