Antisemitc Law Excludes Jews From Imperial Service

Antisemitc Law Excludes Jews From Imperial Service

Roman Emperor Theodosius II
Source: Marie-Lan Nguyen

Roman emperors Honorius and Theodosius II issue a new antisemitic law excluding Jews from public offices.

According to this new Roman law:

"Those who live according to the Jewish superstition are forbidden to enter imperial service in future. Thus whoever has already taken the oath of service in the intelligence service or with the Palatini is hereby permitted to finish his service and pursue the legal career to its end, and we will ignore this fact, without showing favor. ...

As regards those who are bound to the perversity of that people and who are proved to have attempted to enter the armed services, we order explicitly that they must return their belts of office. Any previous merits will not avail.

We will certainly not deny the freedom to practice as lawyers to any Jews who have completed the relevant course of study. We also permit them to enjoy the honor and duties [munera] of the curia, which are theirs by right of birth and the splendor of their family. This must suffice for them; therefore they are not to regard the prohibition of imperial service as discrimination."[CTh 16.8.24]

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