Roman Law Suspends Criminal Trials in Days Leading Up to Easter Hot

Roman Law Suspends Criminal Trials in Days Leading Up to Easter

Saint Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius I
Source: Wikipedia

Roman emperors Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius I issue a new law granting clemency to prisoners for Easter.

Similar provisions are not made available for the holidays of any other religion. This law makes things easier for Christians relative to adherents of other religions when it comes to following their religion's requirements.

It also sends the message that Christianity is special and privileged in the eyes of the Roman state.

This new Roman law states:

"...for the festivity of Easter, which We venerate with a common and lofty profession, We remit the punishment of crimes, in order that those persons who are thus freed by the indulgence of Our Clemency may follow the precepts of a better life and may not dare to commit any dangerous crime..." [CS 7]
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