Alabama Senate Votes in Favor of Teacher-Led Prayers in Public Schools

Alabama Senate Votes in Favor of Teacher-Led Prayers in Public Schools

Governor Fob James of Alabama

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In Alabama, the state Senate votes 21-5 to pass a bill authorizing teachers in public schools to pray and lead willing students in prayers.

Included with the bill is a "suggested" prayer written by the governor's son, Fob James III.

When asked why it was necessary to include a suggested prayer, James says:

"The reason the prayer is there is because the Supreme Court has told a bunch of lies. If we don't recognize God in our institutions, he will not bless us... and we as a nation will fail.

The prayer will confront the Supreme Court on the lies they have told."

This suggests strongly that the the point of the bill isn't "voluntary prayer," but rather institutions — specifically, bringing together official government actions, government institutions, and religious rituals.

When he's asked if he's simply looking for notoriety, his father the governor leaps up from behind him and tells Senator Bob Gafford "That's the game you play — you're the one who wants notoriety," then instructs his son "Tell him no and let it go at that."

Within a few minutes Governor Fob James is back at the lectern and explains that his bill is designed to confront the Supreme Court: "The courts are political, period, without a question."


Fob James vs. Winton Blount

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