Hitler: Jews Aren't Being Singled Out for Persecution or Organized Terror Hot

Hitler: Jews Aren't Being Singled Out for Persecution or Organized Terror

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1933

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In an interview with Collier's Weekly, Adolf Hitler denies that there has been any general terror organized in Germany against Jews or that Jews are being singled out for persecution.

Hitler says:

"There has been no terror in Germany. "You Americans, too, have an immigration problem. You have made restrictions against immigrants of the sort you don't want in America. Why are not Americans fair enough to admit that we Germans have the same right?

We don't want Jews from Eastern Europe. It is for us Germans to decide this matter. You Americans made similar restrictions. Why don't Americans show an understanding for questions of this kind?…

I tell you we have Communists here in Germany who would not be allowed for a moment in America. You in America wouldn't tolerate what we in Germany have been forced to endure from these Communists.

Americans should view international problems from the viewpoint of other nations. I know this isn't easy, but only thus can understanding come."


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