Birth of Ludwig Müller, Will be Reich Bishop and Founder of German Christian Movement Hot

Birth of Ludwig Müller, Will be Reich Bishop and Founder of German Christian Movement

Installation of Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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Ludwig Müller is born in Gütersloh, Germany. Müller be a founder of the German Christian movement as well as the personal choice of Adolf Hitler to be Reich Bishop.

For these reasons, Ludwig Müller will lead the Protestant Reich Church throughout the Nazi era.

Ludwig Müller will be involved with Nazism from an early date, joining the Nazi Party in 1931. This will make him an "Old Fighter" in the eyes of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders, giving him access to power and influence within Nazi circles — even though he will lack the skills necessary to use any of that power effectively.

As a leader of the German Christian movement, Ludwig Müller promotes the revisionist view of Christ as actually being Aryan rather than Jewish. For Christians like Müller, Jesus is a heroic man of action and a fighter, not a weak, passive, feminine, and above all Jewishpreacher. Ludwig Müller will also advocate a purging of Christianity of all "corrupting" Jewish influences — including large parts of the Old Testament.

Ludwig Müller will remain a committed, even fanatical Nazi his entire life. Shortly after the announcement of Germany's defeat in 1945, Müller will commit suicide.

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