Jews Given Permission to Settle in Some Russian Cities Hot

Jews Given Permission to Settle in Some Russian Cities

Catherine II the Great of Russia
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Russian Empress Catherine II (also known as Catherine the Great) gives Jews permission to settle in several Russian cities. They had been banned from various cities in the 15th century and their readmission to these areas again is conditioned on paying double the taxes demanded of Russian Orthodox Christians.

This requirement is consistent with the general policies of Catherine the Great towards Jews in Russia: grant them general rights, but encourage conversion through higher taxes, employment restrictions and more.

According to this ukase (a formal Russian proclamation), Jews now have the right

"to engage in the occupations of merchants and burghers in the Governments of Minks, Izyaslav (later Volhynia), Bratzlav (Podolia), Polotzk (later Vitebsk), Moghilev, Kiev, Chernigov, Novgorod-Seversk, Yekaterinoslav, as well as the region of Tavrida."


Catherine the Great

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