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Thomas Christians Reunited With Rome at Synod of Diamper

Aleixo de Menezes

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At the Synod of Diamper, the so-called Thomas Christians are reunited with Rome. This native Indian Christian Church was discovered in 1498 by Portuguese explorers and claims to be able to trace its origins back to the missionary efforts of the Apostle Thomas.

Convened by Aleixo de Menezes, Archbishop of Goa, the Synod of Diamper condemns the Chaldean Patriarch as a heretic and schismatic — though it is actually Menezes who has encouraged schism by threatening priests with excommunication if they don't follow his instructions. Christians are forbidden from accepting any bishop except one named by Rome.

Portuguese customs, hierarchy, law, liturgy, and rites are imposed by force on the Thomas Christians. Many local customs are declared heretical. Their traditional texts are edited to be in compliance with Portuguese demands or burned.

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