Feminism Denounced by the Vatican

Feminism Denounced by the Vatican

Regina Schulte

The Vatican releases a statement denouncing feminism. The Vatican argues against any efforts to blur the natural differences between men and women, to undermine the traditional institution of the family, or to establish any sort of equality between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

In fact, the Vatican asserts that striving for equality between men and women actually makes "homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent, in a new model of polymorphous sexuality."

The Vatican also asserts that the differences between male and female are so fundamental that they will continue even after death. These differences belong "ontologically to creation, and destined therefore to outlast the present time, evidently in a transfigured form."

Regina Schulte, a feminist theologian, says that documents like this put "women in a headlock as far as church leadership and ultimately ordination go." She continues:

"It consigns women ... to the role of a passive partner, who does not initiate activity, but waits to be acted upon. Thus, as has been argued by John Paul II, women cannot be granted significant leadership roles in the church. ... [The document] states ... that women, faced with the abuse of power, seek power. This is not what women in the church seek; they seek a share of leadership."


U.S. Nuns Face Vatican Rebuke for "Radical Feminism" on Church Teachings, Social Justice

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