National Catholic Reporter John Allen Quotes Vatican Official on Jewish Bias Against Church Hot

National Catholic Reporter John Allen Quotes Vatican Official on Jewish Bias Against Church

John L. Allen, Jr.
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In his regular column for the National Catholic Reporter, John L. Allen Jr. quotes unidentified Vatican officials who suggest that Jewish bias against the Roman Catholic Church is partially responsible for the widespread media coverage and bias in the sexual abuse scandal.

Allen writes:

"Don't you think," he asked me, "that the disproportionate Jewish influence in the American media is part of the story?"

In part, the hypothesis reflects the pro-Palestinian slant of much European public opinion, which has long vilified America's 'Jewish Lobby.' In part, it reflects the strained Catholic/Jewish relationship in the wake of the beatification of Pope Pius IX, the acrimonious debate over Pope Pius XII and his alleged 'silence' during the Holocaust, and the collapse of a Jewish-Catholic scholarly commission empaneled by the Vatican to investigate its World War II archives. In such an atmosphere, it’s easy for some around the Vatican to imagine that influential Jews in the American press might want to wound the church.

Yet one cannot avoid the impression that at a deep, pre-conscious level, some degree of anti-Semitism is also at work. It’s the antique suspicion that whenever a Christian is dealt a low blow, in the background must lurk a Jew.

That such notions still swim in our ecclesiastical bloodstream should give us pause."


Abuse victims demand Vatican accountability

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