Largest Sex-Abuse Settlement Ever: $23 Million in Dallas Hot

Largest Sex-Abuse Settlement Ever: $23 Million in Dallas

Rudolph Kos

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas agrees to pay $23 million to eight former altar boys who were sexually abused for years by former priest Rudolph Kos.

This is the largest settlement that the Roman Catholic Church has ever had to pay for a sexual abuse lawsuit up to this point.

It's so large that the Dallas diocese will have to sell many of its assets to finance the settlement. It is, however, much smaller than the original $119 million that a Dallas jury ordered the diocese to pay last year. The diocese argued that this was so high that they would have to file for bankruptcy, so the parties negotiated a smaller amount.

Rudolph Kos has been jailed for life and defrocked by the Vatican — but he was not removed from the priesthood until 1992, many years after other priests started complaining to top church officials in Dallas about his sexual conduct around boys.


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