K.R. Narayanan Becomes First Untouchable Dalit to be India's President Hot

K.R. Narayanan Becomes First Untouchable Dalit to be India's President

K.R. Narayanan

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K.R. Narayanan becomes the first member of the "untouchable" Dalits caste to be sworn in as India's president. He receives 95% of the votes in the electoral college.

In his inaugural address, K.R. Narayanan says:

"That the nation has found a consensus for its highest office in some one who has sprung from the grass-roots of our society and grown up in the dust and heat of this sacred land is symbolic of the fact that the concerns of the common man have now moved to the centre stage of our social and political life.

It is this larger significance of my election rather than any personal sense of honour that makes me rejoice on this occasion."


India: The Dalit Story

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