Harry Shelton, High School Student During Scopes Monkey Trial, Gives Interview Hot

In Dayton, Tennessee, Harry Shelton is interviewed about events that occurred during the Scopes Monkey Trial sixty years ago.

Now a retired accountant, 77-year-old Shelton was one of two sophomore high school students who were interviewed on the witness stand during the trial of John Scopes, accused of violating Tennessee's anti-evolution Butler Act.

Shelton explains:

"I believe if they had the trial again today it would turn out about the same way. ...

He [Darrow] wanted to know if Scopes' teaching had affected my religious beliefs in any way. I told him 'Certainly not.' It had no profound affect on me at all.

In fact, I wasn't even interested in the subject."


Scopes Monkey Trial Rhea County Tennessee

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