Louisiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Teaching of Creationism in Public Schools

Louisiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Teaching of Creationism in Public Schools

Louisiana Governor David Treen

Louisiana Governor David Treen signs into law a bill authorizing the teaching of creationism in public school science classes, even though he admits he isn't quite sure what the bill will do.

Specifically, it authorizes funding to help teachers give "balanced treatment to the creation science model and the evolution science model."

State Senator Bill Keith (D), a Baptist preacher who sponsored Louisiana's new Balanced Treatment law, says:

"The law tells school boards that if schools teach evolution theory they must give equal treatment to creationist theory. ...

I'm just elated over what the governor has done. I think the governor made a very wise choice this morning. ...

And I believe that the school children are going to be real winners because now they're going to be exposed to all the scientific information which points to creation no longer can be censored from our classrooms. ...

[T]he polls throughout Louisiana show that the people of the state are overwhelmingly in favor of teaching that scientific information points to creation."

The same law, though, says that it "does not require any instruction in the subject of origins, but simply permits instruction in both [evolution and creation] scientific models."

So the new law is ambiguous, as Governor Treen says:

"To be honest, I am not free of doubt about my decision. There could be complications down the road."

Louisiana's Balanced Treatment law will be struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1987 in the case Edwards v. Aguillard


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